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The Real Making of Frozen

Much like Tangled, the DVD/Blu Ray/Digital release of Frozen came with a dearth of extras that were actually interesting or relevant. I really didn't take to the "funny" musical Making of... spoof that was included with my iTunes purchase, probably because I am genuinely interested in how films, … [Read More...]

Rebecca Hahn Interview | A Creature Of Moonlight

I have a confession to make. When I first started reading Rebecca Hahn’s book A Creature Of Moonlight I got about 3 pages in and had to stop. I threw my Kindle onto the pillow in frustration. Seriously? Rebecca Hahn is one of those writers who make me wonder why I write at all. She is that … [Read More...]

Maleficent | Behind The Scenes Video : Legacy

I am very much looking forward to Disney's Maleficent (In cinemas May 30, 2014). I'm a big fan of fairy tales, particularly modern film interpretations of fairy tales. For Disney to revisit their own animated adaptation and retell the story from the villain's perspective, in live action, … [Read More...]

Frozen – The Problem With Hans

Ok. I'm going to start this post with a HUGE SPOILER ALERT. Disclaimer:- If you haven't seen the Disney animated movie, Frozen (2014) and wish to remain spoiler free, then avert your eyes now and don't read on. Just to make sure nothing is spoilered I will now post a large space-taking-up photo … [Read More...]

Frozen Script PDF + Monsters University Script PDF

As part of their For Your Consideration Oscar campaign, Disney have just released the full scripts of Frozen and Monsters University in PDF format. Frozen (2013) Here is the link: Frozen Script PDF Frozen is out now on Blu Ray, DVD and Instant Download. Fearless optimist Anna teams up with … [Read More...]

Dave Filoni Interview on Ahsoka – Star Wars Clone Wars

I love this interview with Dave Filoni on the character evolution of Ahsoka: I see Ahsoka as an iconic Star Wars character now. At the fan screening you joked that at the beginning of The Clone Wars, you had told Ashley Eckstein, “People are going to hate you at first.” Dave … [Read More...]

“High Tide” Short Animated Film By Kristin Kemper

Kristin Kemper shared her student film "High Tide" on Vimeo and Tumbler yesterday and it is definitely worth a look (or ten). The animated film is full of wonder, mystery, seashells, reference books, seashores, mermaids and just about everything else I love. The character design and animation brings … [Read More...]

Soman Chainani Interview | The School For Good And Evil

As soon as I heard about The School For Good And Evil I knew I had to somehow interview the author Soman Chainani. The book's premise was enough to put the book at the top of my GoodReads "Want To Read" list. In a land of fairy tales there are two schools; one to train and educate "beautiful" … [Read More...]

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